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logo Design for manufacturability – Some processes are inherently un-profitable because the designs are difficult to manufacture. Sometimes a redesign can offer a win – win opportunity for your customer and your bottom line. logo Manufacturing Process Improvements, getting lean – Is there a product line running at low proficiency or poor profit margin? I can incorporate lean manufacturing practices to improve process throughput and increase productivity. By measuring and “centering” your process you can improve yield, minimize set up time and reduce inspection.
logo Manufacturing support and problem solving – Is there a process that is giving you high defect rates? Is there a product return with unacceptable field failures? I can identify root causes and solve design or process problems. logo Automation – I have extensive experience on how to design, build or specify automation equipment to enhance your process. Semi-automated tools or processes can increase throughput, reduce operator fatigue and improve quality. Fully automatic assembly macines can increase capacity, reduce inspection and improve quality.

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